IR Ismael Ramos
welcome to my portfolio. hi!

My name is Ismael 👋

I'm a front-end developer currently working full-time and 100% remotely. Also, full-stack developer for the time that I have left.

I consider myself a fast learner, proactive, self-sufficient, and constantly learning. I've been creating and changing websites for about 10 years.

Step by step. Pixel by pixel. :)

/ recent posts

Updates from the Angular Team and new Angular 17 features!

Angular Webdev Programming Beginners

So, on November 6, 2023, the Angular Team dropped some cool updates and talked about a bunch of new Angular 17 features that I’d love to break down for you.

Top 20 Must-Know Tips for Web Accessibility

Webdev Javascript Beginners

This third part of the series aims to provide you with essential principles (not all of them, as that’s almost impossible!), practical advice, and examples for creating accessible websites.

Designing for All: Achieving Web Accessibility in Web Design

Webdev Javascript Beginners

Continuing with the next part of this series, we’ll learn more about designing accessible web pages. It is crucial to prioritize accessibility in our designs.

Beyond Barriers: 4 Key Reasons to Embrace Web Accessibility

Webdev Javascript Beginners

Welcome to the world of web accessibility, where you hold the power to create inclusive websites that leave no user behind.

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/ some projects

register form of randmenu

Create your weekly menu in one click

capture of the angular example app

Angular example app which has a lot of eyes on it.

capture of the angular ngx scroll library

Angular library to help with forms and invalid inputs.

more --> in my Github profile

/ skills


Angular Lit Element Storybook Hugo Webpack Vite Gulp NestJS MongoDB GraphQL Postgresql MySQL


CSS Grid Flexbox Bootstrap NgBootstrap Material


Jasmine Karma Mocha Jest Cypress Cucumber Playwright


Lighthouse PageSpeed Insights Core Vitals Google Tag Manager Google Analytics Hotjar Sonar Docker Kubernetes Argo Workflows Jenkins Nginx Netlify Render Github Pages Postman Github Gitlab Bitbucket JIRA Webstorm Slack, Teams, Zoom

myselft with sunglasses and laughing

/ my story

myself in a rocket
2024 5 years
2018 1 year

Senior Front end in Meta(.es)

A lot has happened since I started working for Santander Bank on the Santander Scholarships project. I am currently part of the front end team and occasionally, I lend a hand on the back end. Our stack is NodeJS and Mongo together with Angular and Lit-element, mainly.

2017 6 months

Senior Front end in Accenture

I decided to focus on the front end as it was what I liked the most. An opportunity I couldn't turn down, as I was working for the BBVA bank in startup mode with an incredible team. Very senior people from whom I learnt a lot. Angular all the time!

2016 1 year

Full stack developer in Best Option Media

Here I work in a sports betting comparator. I redid the whole front end and improved the architecture. AngularJS and NodeJS with Mongo.

2015 6 months

Telecoming as a full stack dev

My first job, but in Madrid. I helped the team to evolve an application for call centers. In the back end we worked with PHP and MySQL and in the front end we used AngularJS. What times!

2015 2 years

My first job: Envista

My master's degree required doing some internships, and I ended up working for this startup in Gijon. I did some websites for the public administration and small clients. A lot of MySQL and PHP.

2013 5 years

Master's degree in Web Engineering

Programming 24x7. An incredible time for me, where I learnt a lot. Java, PHP and Javascript to the fullest.


Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

I didn't know if I was really going to like this, but it turned out that I love it. C++ and Java mainly.

/ my setup

my setup
  • MacBook Pro 2021
  • Samsung C49RG90
  • Keychron K6 & Logitech G603
  • Logitech HD PRO C920
  • Sennheiser hd 25 & SteelSeries Arctis 9